Fresh Cheese

Queijaria São Miguel lets you discover the nature of the Azores

Our fresh cheeses are made only with the freshest milk from the cows and goats that graze on the rich pastures of the island of São Miguel, giving our products a unique and distinctive flavor, truly representative of the Azores. 

With a focus on quality and sustainability, Queijaria São Miguel is dedicated to creating delicious and authentic cheeses that are a true taste of the Azores.

Half Cured Cheese

The half-cured cheeses

Half-cured cheese is a high-quality product, internationally recognized for its unique flavor and its firm, elastic texture. This cheese is a true delicacy, which can be enjoyed alone or in different recipes, such as sandwiches, salads or hot dishes. If you visit São Miguel in the Azores, be sure to try the local half-cured cheese and enjoy its unique and authentic flavor.

Cured Cheese

The cured cheeses

Queijo do Rei is a cured cheese, with an intense flavor and a firm, grainy texture. Cured cheese is considered one of the most emblematic cheeses of the islands and has a long history that dates back to the 19th century.

Queijo do Rei is a high quality product, recognized for its tradition and authenticity. It is a symbol of the island's gastronomy and a treasure for connoisseurs of aged cheeses. If you visit the islands, be sure to try the Queijo do Rei and learn a little more about the rich gastronomic culture of this unique region of Portugal.

cow milk
cow and goat milk